• 1. Do you charge per hour, per month or by the job?

    (A).  This is one of the first questions I always get, and the answer is yes and no. Every client has different needs, for some the hourly rate is the best choice for them, others prefer the monthly fee. When we sit down during the free consultation, we will discuss the fee options and find the option for your needs

  • 2. I don’t have any formal bookkeeping or accounting system in place, can you help?

    (A).  Yes, I can give you a number of choices the will be suited to you needs. From QuickBooks to our in-house solution,  I have the solution you need.

  • 3. I’m x-months behind in my books, can you get me ready for taxes?

    (A).  Yes, I will get you up to date with your books, plus have your financials ready for taxes.