What does our payroll service offer you as a business owner?

Paying your employees on time and having the process be completely accurate is the first requirement of our clients. We provide this service to you as a way to free up more of your time, save you on the cost of other payroll services, and give you the peace of mind knowing that the proper amount of taxes are being withheld and filed in a timely fashion so that you stay current on your IRS obligations.

The old way

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Payroll the old way

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With our service, you receive full payroll tax reporting, direct deposit for your employees and contractors, paper checks (if you need them) and so much more!

Payroll Options

HR Support

The HR411® Complete package provides comprehensive HR services for your business. From HR education and live support to a wealth of powerful HR tools, HR411® Complete provides the practical tools, resources and support you need to help you stay on top of compliance requirements, keep up with HR best-practices and better manage your employees.

Pay by Pay Workman’s Comp

ADP’s Pay-by-Pay® Premium Payment Program is an accurate and convenient service that helps clients minimize the administrative burdens associated with calculating workers’ compensation premium payments.

Visa Branded – payroll cards

ADP provides a personalized, Visa® branded prepaid debit card to your employees as an option for receiving their pay. Employees can have their net pay automatically loaded on their ALINE Card by ADP® every payday.


  • 401(k) plan. This plan type offers higher contribution limits, flexible vesting schedules and optional company matches. We can help you design and implement your company’s new plan. For a new plan, you may be eligible for tax credits for start-up administrative expenses.  Or we can move your existing 401(k) plan over to ADP with an easy transfer process that takes care of all the paperwork. You’ll discover just how easy it can be with a 30-minute plan “health check” that helps you evaluate your compliance risk and see a side-by-side investment and fee comparison of your current plan vs. what ADP can offer.

Simple IRA

  • SIMPLE IRA. This plan offers less paperwork than a 401(k) plan, fewer reporting burdens and no minimum participation requirements. Administrative fees can cost your business as little as $480, and you may qualify for tax credits for start-up administrative expenses. You can lower your own current income for federal income taxes and the required employer contributions can be deducted as a business expense. Automated contributions and access to high-quality investment options round out the advantages of this plan type.
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