At 5280 Bookkeeping LLC, we specialize in providing micro and small business accounting services & solutions, customized to your specific business need, to the community in the greater Denver metro area, and all over Colorado.  We offer a custom tailored accounting service and solution for your business that will meet the needs of in this high demand world. You get 24/7 access to our service and we will organize and maintain your books and manage the accounts payables so that you can focus on providing the services to your customers.  We will make the proper Journal and Adjusting entries to reflect your business’s true health. We will also prepare your Monthly, Quarterly and Year End Financial Statements according to GAAP, theses statements are crucial to your business. During the engagement we will meet to review these statements and all items that relate to your cash flow so you have a greater understanding of where your business is and where it is headed.

Why struggle with accounting and record keeping functions that frustrate you and take you away from the important activities that make your business successful? Call us today to schedule an appointment and meet with a Professional Accountant & Quickbooks ProAdvisor to take the burden and hassle of keeping up with your books away.

Complete Small Business Accounting Service Package

  • 24/7 Online Access and Subscription
  • Bank and Credit Card Account Reconciliaton
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Sales Tax filing for up to 3 Municipalities & 1 State Agency**
  • Financial Reports
  • Payroll with Direct Deposit included (I)
  • Payroll Tax Prep & Reporting
  • W-2 Annual Reporting
  • Business Income Tax Prep and Filing (Federal & State) (II)
** Single Location / per FEIN | Payroll (I) Each employee / contractor you pay is an additional $1.00 per transaction per payroll run | (II) Add-On Service (for additional Fee)