Professional, Independent Bookkeeping & Accounting


ibbannerAs a Professional Accountant & Independent Bookkeeper I am always the one working on your file. I strive to develop a close relationship with you, the client, and as you grow your business I learn more and more about the business. With an accounting firm bookkeeper, sometimes they will work on different files, or move files around – so you may not always have the same person, and thus not the same dedication as an independent bookkeeper will provide.

I am running my own business, and thus I truly value the relationship between myself and the client. If an accounting firm has “hired” bookkeepers (as opposed to contracted them out as their own businesses), then the bookkeepers are “employees” and may not be as attuned to the client’s business needs and challenges, and also may not fully understand the key concepts of “running their own business”. This knowledge can be really helpful to build trust and understanding between the client and the bookkeeper. At the same time, the client relationship is extremely important to the independent bookkeeper, as they could lose the client and our livelihood if I didn’t prioritize the client’s needs. Sometimes as an “employee”, the stakes aren’t as high, or the bookkeeper has to juggle the priorities of their boss, not just the priorities of their client.

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